Chord Hugo M-scaler, sort Oppsampling til 705.6kHz Chord Hugo M-scaler, sort Oppsampling til 705.6kHz Chord Hugo M-scaler, sort Oppsampling til 705.6kHz

Chord Hugo M-scaler, sort

Oppsampling til 705.6kHz

Varenr: 6950048

Hugo M Scaler, med verdens mest avanserte digitale filter teknologi oppskaleres standard CD-kvalitet fra 44.1kHz til 705.6kHz og 96kHz filer til 768kHz. Resultatet er en enestående lydkvalitet med fantastisk oppløsning som setter en ny standard innenfor digital musikkformidling.

49 990,-

Chord Hugo M Scaler vil gi en lydmessig oppgradering av de fleste D/A-konverterne på markedet men er optimalisert til bruk sammen med Chord Dave, Qutest og Hugo TT 2 som med dobbel BNC-inngang oppskalerer til maksimum 768kHz.


• Innganger:
- Galvanisert isolert USB
- 2 x Coax BNC
- 2 x Optisk
• Utganger:
- Galvanisert isolert dual BNC
- Coax BNC
- Optisk
• PCM støtte, 16 til 32 bit: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 358.8kHz, 384kHz, 705.6 og 768kHz



Chord Electronics Hugo M-Scaler, topptest i HiFi World; OUTSTANDING - amongst the best!
VERDICT: "If you want the best from CD, M Scaler is a must-listen. Expensive but worryingly good..."
"You get to clearly hear how CD can sound when all the rubbish is swept away, performers and instruments all being placed in solid form on a wide and clear sound stage."
"Add in almost-peculiar bass timing and resolution and you end up with a sound not available elsewhere."
"This is a unique and extraordinary product!" Les testen her.

The Chord Hugo M Scaler is a digital processor but not a digital-to-analog processor, its purpose being the upsampling—referred to in the UK as upscaling—of incoming data. JA used the M Scaler with Chord’s DAVE D/A processor, and with his own PS Audio and Mark Levinson DACs. In all cases, but especially with the DAVE, upsampling via the M Scaler offered such improvements as "more image depth, an increased sense of drive, and even more clarity..."

Best attainable sound for a component of its kind, almost without practical considerations, with the least musical compromise. A Class A system is one for which you don’t have to make a leap of faith to believe you’re hearing the real thing.

Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 og M-Scaler, Topptest i HiFi +
"The Hugo TT 2 and Hugo M Scaler fit together like a sonic hand in a glove; once you hear them together, you won’t ever want for them to be apart..."
" While Chord Electronics’ DAVE may be in a class of its own as a standalone headphone amp/DAC, the combination of the Hugo TT 2 and the Hugo M Scaler actually costs less than the DAVE and may actually offer better all around performance, which is saying a mouthful..." Les testen her.

Topptest av Chord Electronics Hugo M-Scaler i Stereophile (mars 2020)!
"Robert Watt´s enormously long WTA filter sound superb, and, as a bonus – in addition to upgrading the sound of older DACs – the M-Scaler adds USB input to DACs that don´t have one…"
"The M-Scaler is relatively expensive; I recommend you audition the M-Scaler with you own DAC before getting out the credit card."
"But “Improve the recreation of the original music signal” as Chord claims, the M-Scaler definitely did, with all three D/A processors I tried…" Les testen her.

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