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Chord HUGO TT2 , DAC/forforsterker, sølv

DAC, forforsterker, hodetelefon uttak

Varenr: 6950047

HUGO TT2 - Eksepsjonell ytelse og funksjonalitet! D/A-konverter, hodetelefonforsterker og forforsterker med RCA og XLR utganger. Justerbare digitalfilter for optimal tilpasning.

54 990,- pr. Stk


• Chord FPGA DAC chip
• Fixed eller variabelt utgangsnivå
• PCM støtte: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 358.8kHz, 384kHz, 705.6 and 768kHz – 16 to 32bit
• DSD: DoP DSD 64 til DSD 512

• Innganger:
   USB inngang
   2 x BNC (Spdif)
   2x Optiske (Toslink)

• Utganger, stereo:
   RCA, ubalansert
   XLR, balansert
   2 x 6.35mm hodetelefon
   3.5 mm hodetelefon

• Utganger, digitalt:
   2 x DX BNC



Chord Electronics Hugo TT2, topptest i HiFi World!

"Hugo TT2 resolves both CD and hires digital with breathtaking clarity, giving a starkly clear and concise sound unmatched elsewhere..."
"It also has fantastic timing and almost peculiarly tight yet punchy bass. It is a little short on warmth, especially with DSD, majoring on deep analysis instead – undoubtedly its forte."
"To hear CD and hi-res like you’ve never heard it before, and as you will not hear it anywhere else, this is the DAC to audition..." Les testen her.

Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 og M-Scaler, Topptest i HiFi +
"The Hugo TT 2 and Hugo M Scaler fit together like a sonic hand in a glove; once you hear them together, you won’t ever want for them to be apart!"
"While Chord Electronics’ DAVE may be in a class of its own as a standalone headphone amp/DAC, the combination of the Hugo TT 2 and the Hugo M Scaler actually costs less than the DAVE and may actually offer better all around performance, which is saying a mouthful..."

Les testen her.

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